Sugarless Almond Cookies
Sugarless Almond Cookies
Sugarless Almond Cookies
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Sugarless Almond Cookies

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*Minimum order required: 2 big jars or 4 small jars*

Our signature almond cookies; without sugar.

Made with hand-blend almonds, each cookie put together by hand super-lightly to make these gems. This sugarless variation is softer than usual, melts in the mouth, nutty and fragrant, lightly salted.

Two sizes of 500ml & 1000ml
Net Wt. 300g & 620g

Consume within  |   7 weeks

Almond Cookie Ingredients
Corn Oil, Almond, Flour, Salt, Eggs.
*Eggs are used only for surface and may be omitted under request for any dietary concerns.
Strictly no pork, lard & alcohol. 
Allergy advice: Contains gluten and nuts.

As all cookies are freshly baked in small batches, they are always subjected to availability. 

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Order Process 
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For special requests (less sugar, no nuts etc., please contact us directly).

You can also call or email us directly to order cookies for delivery in Singapore.