Established in Singapore since 1995 (under the name of Chefy Gourmet House), we've been taking care of all the details to make sure every cookie you taste is freshly baked, made with craftsmanship irreplaceable by machine.  




The craftsman of our baked goods is award-winning Chef Chan, former pastry chef of Sheraton Towers (Hong Kong), creating with 36 years of experience.


Chef Chan


We embrace the new, but we believe in the old ways of good technique and best ingredients. We craft new cookies based on experience. Every ingredient has a temperament, and to collaborate with it means understanding how it works and how it contributes to taste and texture.


Chefy Gourmet House (1995)



Chan Yuet Ping


We are able to cater to events (private or corporate), parties, special/festive gifts, custom cookie designs, dietary needs, hampers, wedding favours, and really anything you might need; contact us and we'll see what we can do.